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Join Our Team With a Guest Post!

We are looking for adventurers that would like to contribute to our blog. If you go fishing, climbing, hiking, hunting, cycling, skiing, or any other outdoor sport we missed, we want to hear from you. 

We want your pictures, your documentation of your event(s) and your expertise!

What's in it for me?

Put simply, your article is your article. We're flexible as we know you took the time to write it and document your amazing outdoor adventure. You can add links to your own products you have for sale, your affiliate links, or use this as a link to your own website or blog. It's a two-way exchange - we get to add your content to the site, and you get a link that will generate revenue.

We will also feature your article on the website's homepage until it's pushed down by three new articles. We will accept up to one article a day, so that leaves you on the homepage for a minimum of three days, at which point you'll still be accessible via the blog links, tags, and categories. 

What are the rules?

We need unique content. We will manually review every single entry for grammatical errors, contextual mishaps, and other errors. Your article must be of high quality and well written. It will get rejected if it's simply spun content as this isn't what we're looking to promote.

In addition, you're allowed a link to up to two offers (whether it's your own product or an affiliate link) in your article, in addition to one link to a personal website or blog in the attribution section under the post in the "About the Author" area. This may not be an affiliate or offer link.

Minimum content size: 500 words, although we will select longer content to be prioritized over shorter content. 

Images: must be free from copyright, or you must have rights to pass to our team. If you do not have images for your article, we will still consider your content if we can choose stock images that will work.

 How do I join?

Simple: Send your article to with the subject line: Contributor Request

In your email, please include your article, any images you'd like added, and a small 1-2 sentence bio with a link to your blog or homepage (link optional). For example: "John Doe is a freelance adventure photographer that enjoys his time in the mountains photographing extreme conditions. You can check out his blog here."